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The Movers and Makers Podcast

Jul 3, 2021

Portrait Interview of Matt Dixon, an American chocolatier currently based in Washington D.C. 

Visit this page to view some cool photos of Matt.

The music played during this episode is:

  • "Twirl" by Zooxanthellae
  • "Observer" by Pompeii Graffiti
  • "Goblin King"...

Feb 16, 2021

Portrait Interview of Ridikkuluz, a Jordanian-American visual artist and dancer currently based in New York City. 

Visit this page to view numbered artworks discussed during the episode.

The music played during this episode is The Chaâbi Ha by Lazy...

Aug 30, 2020

Portrait Interview of the Palestinian-Lebanese percussionist Johnny Farraj, currently based in New York City. We talked about his life, the Arabic music scene in the US, his new book Inside Arabic Music, published through Oxford University Press, and more. Visit Johnny's website and check out his book...

Nov 18, 2019

First debate episode, featuring three previous guests of the show: Luis Fernando Amaya (episode 1), Maria Kaoutzani (episode 2), Alex Temple (episode 15).

Click here to access the articles by Nebal Maysaud, published in New Music Box, that we discuss during the conversation.

Music played in the episode:  

1. Dialecto de...

Nov 4, 2019

Portrait Interview of the American composer Alex Temple, currently based in Tempe, Arizona. We talked about her childhood, her beginnings in composition, discovering her gender, and her amazing music, including a tribute to Frank Zappa titled The Man Who Hated Everything.

Visit Alex’s website to hear her work and see...